Daily Lessons for Teaching A Month in the Country

J. L. Carr
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Lesson 1 (from Section 1 (through page 13))


Section 1 (through page 13)

As Birkin sees a girl staring at him at the train station, he decides she must be examining his coat, a pre-war herringbone tweed. The object of this lesson is to examine the pre-war herringbone tweed as a symbol.


1. Class Discussion: What is Birkin wearing when he gets off the train? How does Birkin feel about this object? What clues does the novel give us regarding Birkin's attitude towards his coat. Why do you think it is important that Birkin's coat is tweed? Why is it important that it is pre-war? How does the definition of a pre-war coat place the novel into a time period? What war is Birkin referring to when he refers to the coat as pre-war? What does herringbone mean? Is there any significance in the herringbone design on the coat? What does the ankle length of the...

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