A Month in the Country Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

J. L. Carr
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Essay Topic 1

The novel, A Month in the Country, takes place in predominately one location. Think about the idea of journeys in the novel. Is there mental or emotional movement despite the rather stagnant physical movement? Why or why not? Write an essay supporting your claim.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay examining how setting influences the characters in the novel. How are the characters connected to the world outside of Oxgodby?

Essay Topic 3

The main setting of the novel is a church. In addition, Birkin visits another church with the Ellerbecks and one in Barton Ferry to preach. With all of these symbols of religion in the novel, how much of a role does religion or spirituality play? Are these the same thing? Write an essay examining your ideas.

Essay Topic 4

Write an essay examining the relationships between Keach and Birkin and Moon and Birkin. How are these...

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