A Month in the Country Character Descriptions

J. L. Carr
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Thomas Birkin

This character is the narrator of the book who is hired to uncover the painting in the arch of Oxgodby church.

Charles Moon

This character has been in the war and receives an M.C. award for saving a man.

Mrs. Alice Keach

This character is young, beautiful, and wears a wide brimmed straw hat with a Sara van Fleet rose in it.

Kathy Ellerbeck

This character is a fourteen year-old Oxgodby resident with blue eyes and freckles.

Rev. J.G. Keach

This tall, slightly weak looking character is described as businesslike and arrogant.

The Painter

This character is not physically present in the novel, but is thought to have blonde hair and to be about 6 feet tall.

Mr. Ellerbeck

This character is the train stationmaster and sometimes preaches at the Wesleyan church in Oxgodby.

Mrs. Ellerbeck

This character had an alcoholic father and criticizes others...

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