A Million Little Pieces Short Essay - Answer Key

James Frey
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1. Describe the condition of James Frey, the main , at the beginning of the book.

James wakes up on an airplane with a hole in his cheek, a broken nose, and no front teeth, wallet or luggage. He cannot remember how he got on the plane or how he got injured.

2. Where is the plane James is taking headed?

James is on a plane headed for Chicago to see his parents, although he doesn't know why when he first wakes up.

3. What does James' father do for him when they are at the cabin in Wisconsin?

James' father unwillingly buys James two bottles of wine, which James drinks when he wakes up in the morning.

4. What does James do when his parents try to hug him in concern for his condition?

James feels uncomfortable and withdraws to the kitchen where he finds a bottle of whiskey, smokes, and drinks until he passes out.

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