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James Frey
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has to happen to James from this point on in order to keep him from hurting himself during the detox process?
(a) He needs to have drugs again in order to sllow this process down.
(b) Nothing is done.
(c) He has to be restrained in his bed.
(d) He has to be sedated.

2. Which family member cries when they see James in the airport for the first time?
(a) Brother
(b) Sister
(c) Dad
(d) Mom

3. Who stands his ground when another patient confronts him and threatens him?
(a) James
(b) Leonard
(c) Roy
(d) Warren

4. What is the name of the Unit Recovery Counselor?
(a) Michael
(b) Ken
(c) Trevor
(d) John

5. What has Larry just found out he has, according to the medical staff at the clinic?
(a) Mild autism
(b) HIV
(c) Cancer
(d) Emphysema

Short Answer Questions

1. What has happened to James' front teeth?

2. Who does James resist connecting with in the clinic?

3. What does James use to relieve his shame and to cause him pain?

4. Who takes James to see the dentist for an initial consultation?

5. Where does James go in order to get sedation medication for the withdrawal symptoms?

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