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James Frey
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Another clinic rule is no interaction beyond a ___________ with any patient of the opposite sex.
(a) Handshake
(b) Polite greeting
(c) Hug
(d) Glance

2. What is James suffering from during this chapter?
(a) Psychic pain
(b) Overdose
(c) Medication interactions
(d) Withdrawal

3. What does James do when he lands at the airport?
(a) Vomits
(b) Makes a loud scene
(c) Passes out
(d) Drinks some wine

4. Where did James sleep after the incident with the man in #25?
(a) Infirmary
(b) Bedroom
(c) Lounge
(d) Library

5. What can James NOT have during his visit with the doctor?
(a) Pain medication
(b) Books
(c) Sharp objects
(d) His wallet

Short Answer Questions

1. How many medications does James need in order to sedate himself and protect himself from withdrawal symptoms?

2. James parents are waiting for him at the end of the ____________.

3. What does James' dad buy for him in the morning, though unwillingly?

4. Where is James told to get up from as it is where another person says they belong?

5. Which doctor begins to fix James' wounds?

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