A Million Little Pieces Fun Activities

James Frey
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How Many Drug Rehab Facilities are in Your Area?

Have students research the various drug rehab programs in the area and choose one that might be suitable for Frey.

The Tao Te Ching - What Speaks to You?

Have students find the Tao Te Ching and choose one section that appeals to them. Why does this section appeal to them?

The Frey Affair

While this shouldn't be too far from the public awareness, have students research and report on what happened to James Frey after the publication of "A Million Little Pieces." Does the student agree with Oprah's reaction? Why or why not?

The Detoxification Process

Have students research to find out what happens to the body when someone stops taking drugs and drinking alcohol. Can the body repair itself?

The 12-Step Program

Have students create an image that includes some reference to the twelve steps that could...

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