A Million Little Pieces Character Descriptions

James Frey
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James Frey

This character is an alcoholic and drug addict who undergoes treatment at a rehab Clinic in Minnesota. He relies heavily on his own strength in order to get through recovery, as opposed to using the AA-sanctioned twelve steps. This character has a severe aversion to authority figures of all kinds, including his parents, God, administrators, and even his addiction.


This character is an ex-prostitute with addictions to crack and quaaludes. She has been sexually abused and abandoned for her entire life and only trusts her grandmother and, ultimately, James. She came to the Clinic after a horrible gang-rape that she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend and many of his drug dealers.


This character is a West coast mafioso addicted to cocaine. He is very wealthy, extremely generous, supportive, and firm, and becomes something of a father figure for another character while they...

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