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1. What is confusing in the dialogue at the beginning of the book?

the dialogue at the beginning of the book gets a little confusing as it switches between when Florens was a child at 8 to where she is now at 16.

2. Why is Florens traded to Vaark?

Florens is given to the Vaark household because the D'Ortegas owe money to Vaark and do not have the funds to pay him, so they choose to make a deal where a slave is given as payment for the debt instead of money.

3. How does Florens prefer to communicate, and why?

At the beginning of the book, Florens says that she prefers to communicate by talking rather than by writing because it helps her to remember things better and her mind is able to work faster.

4. Why does Florens have a hard time with Lina when she first goes to the Vaark Farm?

When Florens first goes to the Vaark Farm, she has a hard time talking with Lina because she cannot understand everything that Lina is saying to her due to her strange accent as a Native American.

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