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This is one of the main themes in this book that was a driving force of labor and income for the time.

Vaark Farm

Patrician lives here until she dies at age 5.


Thia is an unnamed place nearby where Rebekka and the others go to buy and sell wares.

D'Ortega Plantation

This is home to Florens and her family at the beginning of the book.


This is the native land to the D'Ortegas.

Blacksmith's Cottage

Florens is sent here to ask a man to return to the Vaark farm.


This is the main gathering place where religious services are held.


Rebekka turns to this for comfort after Vaark dies.


Minha mãe is taken here from Africa to Barbados before being sold to the D'Ortegas.


Sorrow spends her entire life on this with her father before being sold to the Vaarks...

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