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Slavery - This is one of the main themes in this book that was a driving force of labor and income for the time.

Vaark Farm - Patrician lives here until she dies at age 5.

Village - Thia is an unnamed place nearby where Rebekka and the others go to buy and sell wares.

D'Ortega Plantation - This is home to Florens and her family at the beginning of the book.

Angola - This is the native land to the D'Ortegas.

Blacksmith's Cottage - Florens is sent here to ask a man to return to the Vaark farm.

Meetinghouse - This is the main gathering place where religious services are held.

Bible - Rebekka turns to this for comfort after Vaark dies.

Barbados - Minha mãe is taken here from Africa to Barbados before being sold to the D'Ortegas.

Ship - Sorrow spends her entire life...

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