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Chapters 1-4

• Florens begins by confessing to someone about her life, and is not sure where to start as she has been through so much.

• She was raised on the D'Ortega plantation with her mother until she was 8. She was then given to Jacob Vaark as a payment of debt.
• She was taught to write by the Reverend Father, but prefers talking as it goes faster.

• The Vaarks were different from other slave owners as they were kind. Jacob Vaark hated the cruel way the D'Ortegas treated their slaves.
• Jacob used to be a trader in the North and came South to be a farmer. He likes to save slaves from bad situations and give them a happier life.

• Florens is happy in her new surroundings, but misses the black smith, a free black man that she has fallen in love with.
• Jacob comes down with Small Pox...

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