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Baltimore, Maryland

Mencken was born in this place and spent his entire life there and did all of his writing there.

The Universe

In Mencken's view, this place is meaningless and absurd and humanity is even more absurd for thinking he is the center of it.

The United States

Mencken's country of origin and the country of concern in his writings.

The South

Mencken despised this region of the country as a whole, at least post-Civil War.

The Baltimore Sun

This was one of the most famous newspapers of record in the United States.

The Smart Set

This was a literary magazine Mencken wrote for in the Twenties.

The American Mercury

This periodical was a magazine Mencken co-founded in 1924 and wrote for until 1933.


These phrases are comprised of pithy words of wisdom that Mencken was famous for coining.


Mencken hated most of these, especially Southern Baptist...

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