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Movie Time

Watch a clip from the film Inherit the Wind, about the Scopes Monkey Trial. Discuss the character played by Gene Kelly, who was depicting a version of Mencken.

Music Appreciation

Listen to a specific piece or two that Mencken mentions in Chapter 27.

Utopian Flight

Students should develop their own "Utopian Flight" to tackle a modern-day problem.

Journalist Field Trip

Students should attend a local or school event, and write a report in the mode of a journalist.

People Flash Cards

Mencken mentions a great many people in the book. Make flash cards for each person, accompanied with Mencken's assessment of that person.

World War II Scenario

In Chapter 11 Mencken wonders what might have happened had the South won the Civil War. Write a fanciful essay that supposes what might have happened had Germany won World War II.

Odd Fish Report

Research and write a biography of...

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