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H. L. Mencken

In his day, this man was a famous journalist, satirist, editor and critic of American culture; he was also a renowned student of American English.


In some ways, all of H. L. Mencken's writings were an attack on this subject, sometimes as a whole and other times only a single part of it. Mencken generally regarded life as absurd.


Mencken was notoriously skeptical and critical of this segment of the population, if not an out and out sexist. He believed these people feigned stupidity in order to ruin great men.

The Mob

Mencken routinely expressed distaste for members of this group, in particular when they were gathered together and even more so when voting.


There were few of these people that Mencken liked; as a result, he thought most of them were fools, led around by scoundrels.


Since the end of...

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