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Chapter 1, Homo Sapiens, Chapter 2, Types of Men

• In Chapter 1, Mencken contends that man is not the center of the universe, and that he is prone to errors and believing in ridiculous things.

• Believers of God must ascribe to God all the faults of mankind, as God is mankind's supposed creator.

• The notion of a soul has failed to result in any improvement in mankind's morality or behavior.
• Chapter 2 lists all of the different types of people as Mencken sees them. All are treated with Mencken's usual acidity.

• The romantic exaggerates, the believer believes in the improbable, the altruist is motivated by being uncomfortable with unhappy people.

• Mencken contends that he has never met a truly moral man that was honorable as well.

Chapter 3, Women, Chapter 4, Religion

• Women pretend to respect their husbands, but secretly pity them and think they are "asses."

• Women submit to Man's civilization, but are...

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