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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, "I Turned Eighty-two on November 11".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Albert Camus die?
(a) Train wreck.
(b) Automobile accident.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Suicide.

2. How old is Kurt at the time of writing?
(a) Eighty-two.
(b) Seventy-five.
(c) Ninety-one.
(d) Sixty-three.

3. What can a prince do?
(a) Be neither a borrower nor a lender.
(b) Kill anyone he wants.
(c) Be true to himself.
(d) Make war.

4. How many people were killed in the Dresden firebombing?
(a) 13,500.
(b) 1,350.
(c) 135,000.
(d) 1,350,000.

5. Who tells Hamlet about the ghost of his father?
(a) Perry Mason.
(b) Rush Limbaugh.
(c) Polonius.
(d) Horatio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who knows more about the spirit world than anyone else?

2. How long did prohibition last?

3. How long has it taken humanity to destroy the planet?

4. What does the woman behind the counter at the newsstand have between her eyes?

5. What was Powers Hapgood's occupation after graduating from Harvard?

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