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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maxwell see Chief Nanga as an example of?

2. With whom does the PAP reveal that the Minister of Foreign Trade has been illegitimately making a profit?

3. How much is the bribe Chief Nanga offers Odili?

4. How does Odili manage to talk to Edna alone in Chapter 9?

5. How does Edna react to seeing Odili after the launching of the campaign?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the poem Maxwell wrote seven years ago?

2. What is the confusion about why Couple is put in jail?

3. Describe the first impression given of Odo, Edna's father.

4. How does Odili initially interpret Chief Nanga's order to move Elsie's bags into his absent wife's room?

5. What worries Odili about owning a car and having a position of some prestige?

6. What is revealed about Edna's character in the scene on the VIP porch?

7. What is Odili's concern about the founding of the new political party?

8. What is significant about Odili and Edna's bicycle crash?

9. Why is Couple's heckling of Maxwell effective?

10. How does Odili react to discovering that Elsie is sleeping with Chief Nanga?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As part of the political corruption in the story, there is a strong irony in some of the governmental appointments. For example, Chief Nanga is the Minister of Culture and yet does not even know one of the country's most famous authors, nor can he remember the title of his song. Are there any other ironic governmental appointments in the story? What does this reveal about the manner of ministerial appointment in the country? What does this irony help accomplish in the plot of the story?

Essay Topic 2

As the chief protagonist and narrator of the story, Odili undergoes dramatic changes throughout the narrative, but as he is the one describing them, he does not explicitly state them. Trace the outline of Odili's character development and changes, being sure to answer the following questions:

1) In what regard does Odili primarily change?

2) In what ways does Odili seem to change, but ONLY seem?

3) What other characters and events have the biggest influence on Odili's changes?

Essay Topic 3

A major theme that runs throughout "A Man of the People" is the importance and perception of education. Discuss how education factors into the plot of the story: How does it affect the characters' dispositions? Does it have an influence on their political ideologies? What is the overall tone of the book toward education?

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