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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Chief Nanga call when he comes home for lunch?

2. Why does Andrew Kadibe think it ridiculous for Chief Nanga to be the Minister of Culture?

3. Why does Mrs. Nanga bring the children to Anata?

4. In what regard does John claim his country is improving?

5. How is Odili received at Chief Nanga's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. On what does Odili focus during Chief Nanga's speech in Chapter 6?

2. How did Odili deal with his previous encounters with bucket latrines?

3. Why is Odili surprised to be awakened early by Chief Nanga after his first night at the Minister of Culture's house?

4. How does Odili describe the way Jean acts toward Chief Nanga?

5. What two admirable qualities does Chief Nanga demonstrate in Chapter 1, and how?

6. What is Odili's perception of Chief Nanga's concerns?

7. Why is Peter merely working as Odili's houseboy?

8. What is significant about the languages spoken in the Nanga home?

9. How does Odili describe his reaction to being a prominent member of the dinner conversation?

10. What series of events leads up to Odili's disillusionment with the POP.?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of the story, it is said that Maxwell Kulamo is a martyr. Analyze this statement. For what was he a martyr? How does his martyrdom advance this cause? Other than his death, what other events in the story reaffirm his status as a martyr?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the central importance of Edna to the story. Analyze how she helps change Odili, her struggle as a woman in a man's society, and how her personality traits influence her actions.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the story, it is unveiled that starting a democracy is a difficult process. Analyze these difficulties as they are presented in the text. Are they due largely to a lack of education? Of what kind of education? Are there any good suggestions as to how to fix the problems in the country?

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