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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Edna react to seeing Odili after the launching of the campaign?
(a) With love.
(b) With joy.
(c) With anger.
(d) With sadness.

2. Where is Edna's mother when Odili first arrives at her house?
(a) The bedroom.
(b) The hospital.
(c) Bori.
(d) The church.

3. What is the name of the political party formed in Chapter 8?
(a) The Progressive Alliance Party.
(b) The Common People's Convention.
(c) The Political Correctness Party.
(d) The Cultural Protection Committee.

4. With whom does the PAP reveal that the Minister of Foreign Trade has been illegitimately making a profit?
(a) British Amalgamated.
(b) Chief Nanga.
(c) The U.S. State Department.
(d) Suleiman Wagada.

5. How has Odili's view towards Edna changed by the start of Chapter 11?
(a) He wants her for her rather than as revenge against Chief Nanga.
(b) He wants more and more to use her simply for revenge.
(c) He is indifferent to her.
(d) He has lost much respect for her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Azoge's stick important to Josiah?

2. To what region does Odili agree to being assigned?

3. From where is the one foreigner present at the founding of the new political party in Chapter 8?

4. Why will Odili not retrieve Elsie in front of Chief Nanga?

5. How many girls does Chief Nanga promise Odili?

Short Essay Questions

1. What significant action does Edna take toward Odili at the end of Chapter 10, and why is it significant?

2. What characterizes Odili's interaction with Chief Nanga at the Samalu house?

3. How does Odili react to discovering that Elsie is sleeping with Chief Nanga?

4. What seems to be the likely reason that Edna becomes angry with Odili in Chapter 12?

5. What is the method of problem solving that Odili unconsciously employs while reconsidering his humiliation that occurred at the house of Chief Nanga?

6. What is the significance of the poem Maxwell wrote seven years ago?

7. What is significant about Odili and Edna's bicycle crash?

8. Describe the first impression given of Odo, Edna's father.

9. How does Odili initially interpret Chief Nanga's order to move Elsie's bags into his absent wife's room?

10. What sort of reception does Odili's political campaign receive in Anata?

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