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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Chief Nanga seek a second wife?
(a) His first wife is not cultured enough.
(b) His first wife is lazy and does not cook or clean.
(c) His first wife is barren.
(d) He wants a pretty, younger woman.

2. How many pounds does each bus cost?
(a) 12,000.
(b) 2,500.
(c) 60,000.
(d) 6,000.

3. Odili finds Elsie's friend at the hospital -- intended for Chief Nanga -- to be:
(a) More attractive.
(b) Less attractive.
(c) Too fat.
(d) Too old.

4. What does the Senior Tutor take from the reception?
(a) Principal Nwege's ring.
(b) A jug of beer.
(c) Two bottles of beer.
(d) A jug of palm wine.

5. What sort of event must Chief Nanga attend in Chapter 6?
(a) A book exhibition.
(b) A meeting at the U.S. Embassy.
(c) A Cabinet meeting.
(d) A theater production.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Odili hope Nwege gets an appointment with the POP?

2. What is the chief complaint of the Prime Minister against his dismissed Cabinet members?

3. What sort of buses does Chief Nanga purchase?

4. What does Andrew Kadibe try to sound like when he knocks at Odili's door?

5. Finish the quote said by Odili in Chapter 1: "For what is modesty but ________________?"

Short Essay Questions

1. How does "Push me down and take my threepence!" become a popular Anata joke?

2. How does Odili describe the way Jean acts toward Chief Nanga?

3. In what way does Jean primarily reveal her insensitivity towards Nigeria and Nigerians?

4. Describe Odili in his first encounter with Elsie in Chapter 6.

5. Why does Chief Nanga remember Odili?

6. On what does Odili focus during Chief Nanga's speech in Chapter 6?

7. Why does Chief Nanga scorn his old nickname, "M.A. Minus Opportunity"?

8. What is significant about the languages spoken in the Nanga home?

9. What is Odili's perception of Chief Nanga's concerns?

10. Why is Mrs. Nanga concerned over her children losing their heritage?

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