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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Hezekiah is arrested, what do the trucks take away?
(a) Part of the Samalu compound.
(b) All of the Samalu furniture.
(c) Much of Urua's food supply.
(d) Pipes for the Rural Water Scheme.

2. Who arrives at the Samalu house the day after Odili meets with Chief Nanga?
(a) Chief Kobino.
(b) Maxwell and the CPC.
(c) Dogo.
(d) Edna and her mother.

3. With whom does Odili, in his letter, say Edna can satisfy herself with if Chief Nanga is unable?
(a) Dogo.
(b) Chief Nanga's son.
(c) Anyone.
(d) Odili.

4. Where is Edna's mother when Odili first arrives at her house?
(a) The bedroom.
(b) The church.
(c) Bori.
(d) The hospital.

5. What does Odili hope to accomplish through his political activities?
(a) To unveil how corrupt Chief Nanga is and prevent his return to the Cabinet.
(b) To win the election by a landslide and be appointed to the Cabinet.
(c) To win at least great fame for himself, so that he might become powerful.
(d) To be named Prime Minister.

6. How does Odili initially plan on getting his revenge?
(a) By sleeping with Edna.
(b) By sleeping with Mrs. Nanga.
(c) By exposing Chief Nanga to the press.
(d) By starting a revolution.

7. What book does Odili think influenced Edna's letter?
(a) "The Song of the Blackbird."
(b) "Speeches: How to Make Them."
(c) "The Complete Loveletter Writer."
(d) "Toasts: How to Make Them."

8. From where is the one foreigner present at the founding of the new political party in Chapter 8?
(a) Western Europe.
(b) North America.
(c) South Africa.
(d) Eastern Europe.

9. What is Hezekiah's chief motivation in politics?
(a) Advancement of an ideology.
(b) Protection of the people.
(c) Personal gain.
(d) Personal autonomy.

10. Where do Chief Nanga, Odili and Hezekiah meet?
(a) The Urua Grammar School.
(b) Bori.
(c) Anata.
(d) The Samalu house.

11. Who heckles Maxwell during his speech in Chapter 12?
(a) Couple.
(b) Andrew Kadibe.
(c) Odo.
(d) Hezekiah.

12. What is Odili disappointed to find out about Maxwell at the Samalu house after the launching of the local campaign?
(a) That he paid off the newspapers for good news.
(b) That he has accepted Chief Nanga's bribe.
(c) That he bought himself a car with party money.
(d) That he has decided to break off his engagement with Eunice.

13. Why does Chief Nanga say he is offering Odili a bribe?
(a) Chief Nanga wants Odili to come work for him.
(b) Chief Nanga wants Odili to stay away from Edna.
(c) Chief Nanga feels he deserves to be elected unopposed.
(d) Chief Nanga is frightened that Odili is making progress in the area.

14. Why will Odili not retrieve Elsie in front of Chief Nanga?
(a) He is embarrassed about his desire for Elsie.
(b) He does not want her to appear promiscuous.
(c) He does not want to offend the chief.
(d) He cannot get past the gate.

15. Why does Odili praise Edna's beauty and memory in English?
(a) So Odo will not understand.
(b) To impress Odo.
(c) So Edna may know he is well-educated.
(d) Because it is a more serious language.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what region does Odili agree to being assigned?

2. After the political turmoil begins, with how much money does Odili return to Anata?

3. When does Odili plan to see Edna again after his embarrassing accident?

4. Why is Azoge's stick important to Josiah?

5. What is the name of Odili's chief bodyguard?

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