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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nickname offends Chief Nanga?
(a) M.A. Minus Opportunity.
(b) Great Nanga.
(c) Father of Anata.
(d) Owner of book.

2. How long has it been since Odili last spoke with Chief Nanga?
(a) Five years.
(b) Three years.
(c) More than 15 years.
(d) Ten years.

3. Where does Odili recall meeting Elsie?
(a) At a party.
(b) In England.
(c) At grammar school.
(d) In Urua.

4. What food does Odili initially ask Peter to cook while Andrew Kadibe is visiting?
(a) Pork.
(b) Rice.
(c) Yams.
(d) Stew.

5. Whom do Chief Nanga and Odili visit in Chapter 3?
(a) The Minister for Overseas Training.
(b) The Minister of Public Construction.
(c) The Minister of Foreign Trade.
(d) The Prime Minister.

6. Where is Odili from?
(a) Anata.
(b) Bori.
(c) Urua.
(d) Agaba.

7. Why does Mrs. Nanga bring the children to Anata?
(a) To visit their relatives.
(b) To retain their heritage.
(c) To celebrate the holidays.
(d) To educate them.

8. What is the general feeling of the people toward Odili's father?
(a) Love.
(b) Disappointment.
(c) Admiration.
(d) Hatred.

9. How long is Nwege's speech in Chapter 1?
(a) More than 40 minutes.
(b) More than hour.
(c) Less than five minutes.
(d) More than 20 minutes.

10. When does Odili's mother die?
(a) At childbirth.
(b) When he was 3.
(c) She is still alive.
(d) When he was 1.

11. What does Peter eventually cook for his master while Andrew Kadibe is visiting?
(a) Glazed pork.
(b) Beef stew.
(c) Jollof rice.
(d) Roast yams.

12. What does the statute Odili reads in the newspaper concern?
(a) Food distribution.
(b) Pit latrines.
(c) Automobile parking.
(d) Excrement pails.

13. Who does Odili ask Andrew about after the latter knocks at his door?
(a) Chief Nanga.
(b) The journalist.
(c) Mrs. John.
(d) The girl.

14. What is Chief Nanga described as wearing when he exits his Cadillac at the school?
(a) Leather and gold chains.
(b) Boots and a hat.
(c) Sunglasses and a sportcoat.
(d) Damask and gold chains.

15. Chapter 1 opens with Chief Nanga making an address at which school?
(a) The Anata Grammar School.
(b) The Urua Elementary School.
(c) Cambridge University.
(d) The University.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the nighttime entertainment in Giligili?

2. Why does the girl in Chief Nanga's best story refuse to remove her bra?

3. Why does Andrew Kadibe think it ridiculous for Chief Nanga to be the Minister of Culture?

4. Who arrives at Chief Nanga's house at the beginning of Chapter 5?

5. How does Odili state his view of Elsie to Chief Nanga?

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