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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chief Nanga's lunchtime conversation concern?
(a) Odili's scholarship.
(b) The building of a new school.
(c) The tarring of a road.
(d) The purchasing of buses from England.

2. Where does Odili recall meeting Elsie?
(a) In England.
(b) In Urua.
(c) At grammar school.
(d) At a party.

3. How does the cook prove his innocence?
(a) He eats the soup.
(b) He produces a witness.
(c) He gives Chief Koko the medicine.
(d) He drinks the coffee.

4. What is the title of the president of the Writer's Society's book?
(a) "The Freedom of Nigeria."
(b) "The Odiliad."
(c) "Africa's Prince."
(d) "The Song of the Black Bird."

5. Why does Odili have his present teaching job instead of a civil-service job?
(a) Underqualification.
(b) Money.
(c) A girl.
(d) Autonomy.

6. How does Odili state his view of Elsie to Chief Nanga?
(a) He is serious about her.
(b) He intends to marry her.
(c) She is just a good-time girl.
(d) She is his best friend.

7. What does Odili ultimately think of Jean?
(a) She is insensitive.
(b) She is a bigot.
(c) She is attractive.
(d) She is unintelligent.

8. Why has Odili lost his admiration for Chief Nanga?
(a) Chief Nanga dishonored his own father.
(b) Chief Nanga joined in denouncing the dismissed Cabinet members.
(c) Chief Nanga slept around once he got into power.
(d) Chief Nanga defended the dismissed Cabinet members.

9. Why does Odili hope Nwege gets an appointment with the POP?
(a) Because Odili and Nwege are friends.
(b) Because Odili hopes to be made principal of the school.
(c) To benefit the school's material prosperity.
(d) To get him out of the school occasionally.

10. Jokingly, Odili tells his houseboy, Peter, that the government passed a law saying people may only do what two times a day?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Eat.
(c) Use the bathroom.
(d) Leave their house.

11. According to Mrs. Nanga, embassy events are how many pence talk and how many pence food?
(a) Ten pence talk and ten pence food.
(b) Nine pence talk and three pence food.
(c) Six pence talk and four pence food.
(d) Three pence talk and nine pence food.

12. By what name do Jean and John greet Chief Nanga?
(a) Micah.
(b) Your Honour.
(c) Chief Nanga.
(d) M.A.

13. What misunderstood African gesture does Odili explain to the foreigners?
(a) Touching the forehead with the back of the left hand.
(b) Shaking the fist.
(c) Mussing up one's hair.
(d) Scrunching up the face.

14. Chief Nanga says the standard education he received is worth more than what today?
(a) An Oxford degree.
(b) A Cambridge degree
(c) A Harvard degree.
(d) A Yale degree.

15. What sort of degree is Chief Nanga to be awarded?
(a) Doctor of history.
(b) Doctor of laws.
(c) Bachelor of arts.
(d) Master of public affairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the dismissed members of the Prime Minister's Cabinet called in Chapter 1?

2. When do Jean and Odili leave Jean's house?

3. How is Odili received at Chief Nanga's house?

4. From where is Chief Nanga's second wife-to-be?

5. What does Andrew Kadibe try to sound like when he knocks at Odili's door?

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