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Anata - A village in Nigeria and the hometown of M. A. Nanga and teacher Andrew Kadibe.

Bori - The capital of Nigeria.

Common People's Convention (CPC) - A new political party, founded by lawyer Max Kulamo and Odili Samalu to save Nigeria's newborn freedom from corruption by mediocre politicians.

Josiah's Bar - The establishment across the street from the grammar school.

Nanga's Youth Vanguard (Nangavanga) - Bands of hoodlums organized throughout his district during the election, vowing to annihilate all enemies of progress.

Our Home Made Stuff (OHMS.) - The government is campaigning for this in everything Nigerians buy, even when the quality is far inferior.

People's Organization Party (POP) - The majority political party in Nigeria in 1964.

Progressive Alliance Party (PAP) - The major political party's rival in 1964, currently weak and disorganized.

Urua - The home village of Odili and his houseboy, Peter.

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