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A village in Nigeria and the hometown of M. A. Nanga and teacher Andrew Kadibe.


The capital of Nigeria.

Common People's Convention (CPC)

A new political party, founded by lawyer Max Kulamo and Odili Samalu to save Nigeria's newborn freedom from corruption by mediocre politicians.

Josiah's Bar

The establishment across the street from the grammar school.

Nanga's Youth Vanguard (Nangavanga)

Bands of hoodlums organized throughout his district during the election, vowing to annihilate all enemies of progress.

Our Home Made Stuff (OHMS.)

The government is campaigning for this in everything Nigerians buy, even when the quality is far inferior.

People's Organization Party (POP)

The majority political party in Nigeria in 1964.

Progressive Alliance Party (PAP)

The major political party's rival in 1964, currently weak and disorganized.


The home village of Odili and his houseboy, Peter.

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