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Chapter 1

• The Honourable M.A. Nanga, Minister of Culture, visits the town of Anata, in Nigeria, where Odili Samalu works as a teacher.
• Odili recounts his memories of Chief Nanga, his former teacher, and how Odili became disillusioned with politics.
• Principal Nwege spends too long introducing Chief Nanga, who delivers a well-received speech to the people of Anata, his hometown.

Chapter 2

• Chief Nanga invites Odili to his home for the holidays, and promises to help him pursue further education in London.
• After Chief Nanga leaves, Andrew Kadibe visits Odili's apartment and the two talk about Chief Nanga's lack of conscience and ironic lack of culture despite being the Minister of Culture.
• Odili recounts his affairs with Elsie, a girl with whom he has frequently been intimate.

Chapter 3

• Odili briefly tells of his history and his complicated past with his father, a retired district interpreter and now local chairman...

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