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Dave Pelzer
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Short Answer Questions

1. What promotion causes David to work longer hours?

2. David, after making a mental plot to kidnap his mother, decides he would never do such a thing. What does he yell internally?

3. Where do David and Patsy become engaged at?

4. What specific word spoken by Patsy "struck a chord" in David?

5. Why does Patsy say that the luncheon she received an award for David at "wasn't all that?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What rumors that could effect David begin to build around his air base in the spring of 1992?

2. Describe David's relationship with his son Stephen.

3. Why does David's friend David Howard refuse to stand as David's best man?

4. How does David's mother explain "It's" behavior?

5. What happens on David's first qualification flight on the Looking Glass?

6. Who does David give the first copies of his book "A Child Called It" to?

7. What option does the female co-pilot give David as an alternative to getting married?

8. What does David promise to Stephen, in his own mind, about going to war?

9. What are David's thoughts as he is performing his first re-fuel on the Blackbird?

10. Why does Patsy think that David is ready for a new start to their marriage?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

David searches for answers to his abuse throughout the novel. Discuss David's findings while addressing the following:

-Who tells David about his past?

-What person does David find out the most from?

-What conclusions does David come to about his past from the information he gets?

Essay Topic 2

Why do you believe David never gives up? There are very specific details in the novel as to why David continues to succeed. Choose one of the textual details and address why that detail allowed David to become the man he has.

Essay Topic 3

David feels a lot of inadequacies in his relationships with others. Choose one of the following people from the novel and discuss David's feelings of inadequacy regarding that person. Why does he feel these inadequacies? What fuels these inadequacies for David and the individual chosen? Are the inadequacies played upon by the individual in the relationship with David?



-David's mother

-Stephen (his son)

-Any of his brothers

-David's first manager Jerry

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