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Fredrik Backman
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of Ove's wife?

2. What job did the director offer to Ove in Chapter 8: “A Man who was Ove and a Pair of His Father’s Old Footprints”?

3. What does Ove say is "the only thing that people care about nowadays" before storming out of the store in Chapter 1: “A Man Called Ove Buys A Computer That Is Not A Computer”?

4. What do Ove's neighbors bring to him in Chapter 7: “A Man Called Ove Drills a Hole for a Hook”?

5. For how long does the narrator say Ove and Rune had known one another in Chapter 9: “A Man Called Ove Bleeds a Radiator”?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ove cancel his newspaper and telephone subscriptions in Chapter 2: “(Three Weeks Earlier) A Man Called Ove Makes His Neighborhood Inspection”?

2. What did Sonja reveal to Ove in the end of Chapter 18: “A Man Who Was Ove and a Cat Called Ernest”? How did Ove respond?

3. Why does Ove go to the train station in Chapter 15: “A Man Called Ove and a Delayed Train”?

4. What led to Ove working at the rail yard? For how long did he work there?

5. What are the things about Ove's wife that bother him, according to the narrative in Chapter 4: “A Man Called Ove Does Not Pay A Three-Crown Surcharge”?

6. How are Ove and his wife compared with one another in Chapter 5: “A Man Called Ove”?

7. What job was Ove offered after he was let go from the railway yard? Why was he offered this job?

8. What happened during Ove's encounter with Tom in Chapter 12: “A Man who was Ove and One Day He Had Enough”?

9. Why does Ove become frustrated and angry in Chapter 1: “A Man Called Ove Buys A Computer That Is Not A Computer”?

10. How is Ove's relationship with his father described in the novel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the plot structure of A Man Called Ove. Where in the narrative does the exposition transition into rising action? What event sets off the rising action? Where is the climax? What is revealed in the falling action and denouement?

Essay Topic 2

What leads to Ove's hospitalization at the end of the novel? For how long is Ove hospitalized? Who stays with Ove at the hospital? Why?

Essay Topic 3

What heroic acts does Ove perform in A Man Called Ove? What do you think each of these acts symbolizes? What motivates Ove to commit these acts?

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