A Man Called Ove Short Essay - Answer Key

Fredrik Backman
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1. From what narrative perspective is A Man Called Ove related?

A Man Called Ove is related from a third-person, limited perspective focusing on the thoughts and actions of Ove. Alternating chapters are related in present-tense or past-tense, with the past-tense chapters shedding light on Ove's history.

2. Why does Ove become frustrated and angry in Chapter 1: “A Man Called Ove Buys A Computer That Is Not A Computer”?

Ove becomes angry and frustrated with the computer sales associate because he does not understand computers, nor does he understand the salesman's suggestions. He is likewise frustrated that an iPad does not come with a keyboard.

3. At what time does Ove inspect his neighborhood each day? Why?

Ove awakens each day at 5:45 and takes an inspection tour around his neighborhood at approximately 5:55. He inspects the neighborhood to ensure there have not been parking violations or burglaries.

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