Objects & Places from A Man Called Ove

Fredrik Backman
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This is the brand of car that Ove drives and has driven all of his life.

The Residents' Association

This organization was established by Ove and Rune many years prior, when they first moved to the neighborhood. It is also the place of conflict, where their rivalry led to the dissolution of their friendship.

Ove's Father's Watch

This object was stolen by Tom as an act of revenge against Ove. Ove responded to the theft by punching Tom and knocking him out.

Sonja's Gravestone

This is a location that Ove travels to visit frequently in the narrative and the place where he communicates with his deceased wife.

The Cat Annoyance

This is the name that Ove uses to refer to the stray animal that persistently weaves its way into Ove's life and his home.

People in White Shirts

Ove imagines that these individuals are and always have...

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