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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the lover cautious when the loved object complains of the lover's rival?

2. In the section entitled "To Love Love," the term "annulment" refers to which of the following issues?

3. "Intractable/Affirmation" discusses which of the following themes?

4. Which of the following topics describes the theme of "The Absent One/Absence?"

5. How does the lover come to perceive the contingencies that affect him?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Agony/Anxiety, why does the author compare the lover to a psychotic who fears a breakdown?

2. Discuss the example of Werther's love for Charlotte that the author uses to explain annulment in To Love Love/Annulment.

3. In "All the delights of the earth"/Fulfillment, what does the author mean when he says that fulfillments are not spoken?

4. In "I have an Other-ache"/Compassion, in relation to the other's suffering, the lover sees himself as a Mother, but an insufficient one-why?

5. How does Catastrophe discuss the "amorous catastrophe" experienced by the lover?

6. Describe the effect that the lover hope to achieve by adopting ascetic behavior.

7. In "Adorable!," the author notes how the lover sees the other as a Whole; what does he mean?

8. Briefly describe the lover's sense of engulfment in the section "I am engulfed, I succumb..."/To Be Engulfed.

9. In Atopos, how does the lover see himself in relation to the other?

10. What is the ascetic process that the lover goes through in the section entitled To Be Ascetic/Askesis?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elaborate on the notion that the word "adorable" (Adorable, p. 18) represents a failure in language.

- Why, and on whose part, does this this failure occur?

- How does the lover view his desire and how does this affect his relationship to language?

- How does the term "adorable" function?

Essay Topic 2

In Jealousy, the author says that "Werther's jealousy derives from Images" (pg. 144.) Likewise, in Images (pg. 132), the author describes how Werther is affected by a particular scene involving Charlotte. The image clearly has a powerful effect on the lover. Why?

- What does the image represent?

- How does the lover interpret various images and what do they become for him?

- How does the image inform desire? (pg. 145.)

- What is the nature of the jealousy that images provoke?

Essay Topic 3

The lover would like to surround the other and their love in a cocoon of intimacy that is uniquely theirs. Yet, repeatedly the lover is reminded through images, interactions, or through language, that the other also belongs to the world. Discuss this dynamic in several of the figures, for example, Alteration (pg. 25), The Orange/Irksome (pg. 110), and Tenderness (pg. 224.) Does the lover's image of the other shift as a result?

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