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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "I am odious"/Monstrous, what does the lover refer to when he says, "I am odious?"
(a) His cowardice.
(b) His controlling behavior and lack of generosity towards the other.
(c) His feeling s of remorse.
(d) The tendency towards self-indulgence.

2. Which of the following scenarios is described in No Answer/Silence?
(a) The amorous subject is discouraged by the other's distracted silence.
(b) The lover is anxious because his calls go unanswered.
(c) The lover is anxious because his letters remain unanswered.
(d) The amorous subject does not like to be alone.

3. At Fault/faults, describes the lover's feeling of guilt that results from which of the following feelings?
(a) The subject accuses the other of something he did not do.
(b) The subject forgets an important date with the other.
(c) The subject is unfaithful to the loved being.
(d) The subject imagines he has failed the loved being by thinking for himself..

4. In "Special Days"/Festivity, what analogy is used to describe the lover's meeting with the loved being?
(a) A family on a picnic.
(b) The child at a circus.
(c) The child laughing with joy at the sight of the mother.
(d) The prisoner released from captivity.

5. In Jealousy, what does Werther's jealousy derive from, according to the author?
(a) From thoughts.
(b) From images.
(c) From lack of knowledge.
(d) From insecurity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "ordeal" described in the section called Fade-out.

2. The Unknowable describes which of the following situations?

3. In The Love Letter, what single piece of information is presented with variation?

4. What clothing is Werther wearing when he first dances with Charlotte?

5. Match the term "loquela" with the correct phrase.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the scenario in At Fault/Faults between the lover and the loved one at the train station.

2. Briefly state what Werther writes in his letter to Charlotte and what it signifies in The Love Letter/Letter.

3. The Unknowable has to do with the lover's ability, or lack thereof, to know the other: what conclusion does the lover come to in this section?

4. How does the section Fade-Out connect the loved beings withdrawal with the Mother?

5. Briefly describe the process of induction in the figure "Show me whom to desire"/Induction.

6. In Images, what is the lover's relationship to visual images he sees?

7. What kind of scenes does the lover image in Ideas of Solution/Outcomes?

8. Describe the functioning of the loquela in the section entitled The Loquela.

9. In the section I Love You, what happens to the amorous subject when he finally here's the words "I love you" returned to him? Cite a couple examples.

10. "I am crazy"/Mad: How is the lover's madness metaphorical?

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