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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Match the term "loquela" with the correct phrase.
(a) "I keep swallowing and regurgitating my wound."
(b) "I fall in love again and again."
(c) "I doom myself to blackmail."
(d) "I know that you know that I know."

2. Select the outcome(s) with which the section Ideas of Solution/Outcomes is concerned.
(a) The possible outcomes of the amorous crisis.
(b) The possible outcome of a wager.
(c) The possible outcome of a novel by Goethe.
(d) The possible outcomes of the other's illness.

3. In "Dedication," the author presents an internal dialogue that accompanies which of the following acts?
(a) The dedication of one's life to a cause.
(b) Making a formal commitment to the other.
(c) The act of giving a gift, or some other form of dedication, to the object of love.
(d) Receiving a gift from the other.

4. Which of the following phrases describes the informer in the section called The Informer?
(a) An enemy who tries to destroy the subject.
(b) A friendly figure who wounds the subject.
(c) A rival.
(d) A malicious gossip.

5. In "Inexpressible Love," what two powerful myths does the author mention?
(a) That true love can never be found and that only poets can write about love.
(b) That sublimated love engenders beautiful discourse and that one can write about one's passion.
(c) That writing about love heals the heart and that everyone has a soulmate.
(d) That true love is eternal and that it is the most ancient story to tell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the lover's condition cause him to do in "We are our own demons?"

2. Which of the following characterizes the figure "night" in the section "And the night illuminated the night"/Night?

3. What is the "ordeal" described in the section called Fade-out.

4. In "Domnei," which two things is the narrator subject to?

5. In "I am odious"/Monstrous, what does the lover's discourse do to the other?

Short Essay Questions

1. Novel/Drama: Why does the form in which a love story is told matter?

2. Describe the lover's process of identification, as seen in the character Werther, in the section entitled Identifications.

3. Describe the scenario in At Fault/Faults between the lover and the loved one at the train station.

4. Describe the lover's struggle with demons in "We are our own demons"/Demons.

5. In Domnei/Dependency, what does the lover mean when he says: "I am twice subject?"

6. Describe the functioning of the loquela in the section entitled The Loquela.

7. In Images, what is the lover's relationship to visual images he sees?

8. What kind of scenes does the lover image in Ideas of Solution/Outcomes?

9. Briefly describe the process of induction in the figure "Show me whom to desire"/Induction.

10. Describe the type of jealousy displayed by Werther in the figure Jealousy.

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