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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the best form in which to tell the story of love?
(a) Personal letters.
(b) The novel.
(c) Poetry.
(d) Ancient, declamatory drama.

2. Select the outcome(s) with which the section Ideas of Solution/Outcomes is concerned.
(a) The possible outcomes of the other's illness.
(b) The possible outcomes of the amorous crisis.
(c) The possible outcome of a wager.
(d) The possible outcome of a novel by Goethe.

3. What do the clouds symbolize in the section by the same name?
(a) The lover's loss of hope.
(b) The other's silence.
(c) A sense of danger.
(d) The lover's darkening mood.

4. In the section called Fade-out, where does the other's fade-out reside?
(a) In the lover's silence.
(b) In the other's voice.
(c) In the other's appearance.
(d) In the lover's memory.

5. "In the loving calm of your arms" describes the embrace of total union between lovers. What contradiction does the lover experience?
(a) The lover is both child and adult.
(b) The lover is both mother and father.
(c) The lover is neither completely awake or asleep.
(d) The lover feels both male and female.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the lover acknowledge in This can't go on/Unbearable?

2. Which of the following describes the lover's madness in "I am crazy"/mad?

3. In the figure Identifications, with whom or what does the lover identify?

4. To whom does the following quote belong,"I therefore have decked myself out in finery so that I might be in the company of a fine young man?"

5. In "Inexpressible Love," what two powerful myths does the author mention?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Inexpressible Love/To Write, what does the narrator suggest when he says "I cannot write myself"?

2. The Unknowable has to do with the lover's ability, or lack thereof, to know the other: what conclusion does the lover come to in this section?

3. "I am crazy"/Mad: How is the lover's madness metaphorical?

4. Novel/Drama: Why does the form in which a love story is told matter?

5. In Domnei/Dependency, what does the lover mean when he says: "I am twice subject?"

6. How does the section Fade-Out connect the loved beings withdrawal with the Mother?

7. In the section I Love You, what happens to the amorous subject when he finally here's the words "I love you" returned to him? Cite a couple examples.

8. Describe the type of jealousy displayed by Werther in the figure Jealousy.

9. Briefly state what Werther writes in his letter to Charlotte and what it signifies in The Love Letter/Letter.

10. In The Ghost Ship/Errantry, why is the lover doomed to wander?

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