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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the "ordeal" described in the section called Fade-out.
(a) For no apparent reason the loved being withdraws from all contact.
(b) The loved being's mother dies.
(c) The loved being's physical beauty begins to fade.
(d) The lover's favorite jeans fade.

2. What is the preferred response to the utterance "I love you?"
(a) "I love you, too. "
(b) "Really?"
(c) "So do I."
(d) Silence.

3. What is another name used in The Ribbon/Objects to describe the lover's attachment to an object that belonged to the beloved?
(a) Fanaticism.
(b) Nostalgia.
(c) Fetishism.
(d) Mania.

4. What is the narrator's definition of the image in the section Images?
(a) A romantic painting.
(b) That from which I am excluded.
(c) The lover's fantasy of the beloved.
(d) A visual feast.

5. What does the lover give the other when he offers a gift?
(a) A souvenir of happier times.
(b) An expensive token of affection.
(c) Something he has touched and invested with emotion.
(d) Something useless and impractical.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the lover attached to the object?

2. In The Orange/Irksome, an episode involving oranges from the novel Werther is used to describe which of the following feelings?

3. What causes the particular feeling, experienced by the character Werther, in the episode involving oranges?

4. The Unknowable describes which of the following situations?

5. What is the dual nature of the figure of Gradiva?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the lover's process of identification, as seen in the character Werther, in the section entitled Identifications.

2. In Love's Languor/Languor, how is the Satyr contrasted with languor?

3. In The Dedication, how does the act of giving follow "the family model"?

4. In Inexpressible Love/To Write, what does the narrator suggest when he says "I cannot write myself"?

5. What kind of scenes does the lover image in Ideas of Solution/Outcomes?

6. List some of the scenarios described by the narrator to illustrate the sense of disreality in The World Thunderstruck/Disreality.

7. Exuberance/Expenditure: Discuss the contrast the author makes between the characters Werther and Albert.

8. Describe the relation between the informer, the lover, and the loved being in The Informer.

9. In Domnei/Dependency, what does the lover mean when he says: "I am twice subject?"

10. In The Ghost Ship/Errantry, why is the lover doomed to wander?

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