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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the narrator states that "the other whom I love...is atopos," what does he mean?
(a) The other is unique.
(b) The other is unfaithful.
(c) The other is unobtainable.
(d) The other is a stereotype.

2. Which phrase best describes the title "I have an Other-ache?"
(a) The subject deeply misses the loved object when that person is absent.
(b) The subject experiences pain caused by an insensitive comment made by the other.
(c) The subject is tired of listening to the other's problems.
(d) The subject feels strong compassion towards the loved object when that person is suffering.

3. What effect does the other's atopia have on language?
(a) It makes language indecisive and false; the other cannot be qualified.
(b) It inspires the lover to new and better descriptions of the other.
(c) It does not have any effect on language.
(d) It makes the lover take refuge in falsehoods.

4. What does the lover seek to "read" on the other's body?
(a) The meaning of beauty.
(b) Unexpressed thoughts.
(c) Evidence of imperfection.
(d) The cause of his desire.

5. How does the person concealing his feelings wish to be perceived?
(a) As tough and courageous.
(b) As both pathetic and admirable; child and adult.
(c) As worthy.
(d) As unlovable.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the lover see the other once he has established the other's atopia?

2. In "Events, Setbacks and Annoyances," which of the following describes the effect of "contingencies" on the amorous subject?

3. In "To Be Ascetic," the term "askesis" is associated with which of the following acts?

4. The other title of Tutti Sistemati," "pigeonholed," is associated with which of the following desires?

5. Which of the following topics describes the theme of "The Absent One/Absence?"

Short Essay Questions

1. In "When my finger accidentally. . ."/Contacts, what does the author imagine Werther's reaction to be when he accidentally touches Charlotte?

2. Briefly describe the lover's sense of engulfment in the section "I am engulfed, I succumb..."/To Be Engulfed.

3. In Connivance, what position does the other (the object of desire) occupy in the lover's conversation with his rival?

4. Discuss the example of Werther's love for Charlotte that the author uses to explain annulment in To Love Love/Annulment.

5. Discuss the function of the dark glasses in Dark Glasses/To Hide.

6. Describe the effect that the lover hope to achieve by adopting ascetic behavior.

7. In The Heart, how does the author compare the heart to other attributes such as wit?

8. In Atopos, how does the lover see himself in relation to the other?

9. In Atopos, how does the lover associate the other with innocence?

10. In "Adorable!," the author notes how the lover sees the other as a Whole; what does he mean?

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