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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Agony," what forms does the feeling discussed by the author take?
(a) Shame in front of others.
(b) Sadness and despondency.
(c) Impatience and irritability.
(d) Jealousy and fear of injury and abandonment.

2. In "What is to be done?" which of the following describes the behavior of the amorous subject?
(a) Everything is over-interpreted and spontaneity becomes impossible.
(b) Awkwardly silent.
(c) Self-indulgent with little concern for others' feelings.
(d) Needy.

3. How does the lover see the other once he has established the other's atopia?
(a) As an imperfect lover.
(b) As needing his protection.
(c) As unobtainable.
(d) As the perfect lover.

4. According to the author, what is always involved in every discourse on love, whether philosophical, gnomic, lyric, or novelistic?
(a) Courage.
(b) Self-doubt.
(c) A desire to please.
(d) A person whom one addresses.

5. How does the lover come to perceive the contingencies that affect him?
(a) As a kind of fate.
(b) As random unrelated events.
(c) As signs of love.
(d) As hallucinations.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the duration of a discourse on love?

2. When the narrator states that "the other whom I love...is atopos," what does he mean?

3. Which phrase best describes the title "I have an Other-ache?"

4. Which of the following is a definition of the word "laetitia," as presented in the section by that name?

5. The other title of Tutti Sistemati," "pigeonholed," is associated with which of the following desires?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Atopos, how does the lover associate the other with innocence?

2. Describe the effect that the lover hope to achieve by adopting ascetic behavior.

3. In The Absent One/Absence, how does the lover interpret the other's absence?

4. How does Catastrophe discuss the "amorous catastrophe" experienced by the lover?

5. In "Adorable!," the author notes how the lover sees the other as a Whole; what does he mean?

6. In "When my finger accidentally. . ."/Contacts, what does the author imagine Werther's reaction to be when he accidentally touches Charlotte?

7. In "All the delights of the earth"/Fulfillment, what does the author mean when he says that fulfillments are not spoken?

8. What is the ascetic process that the lover goes through in the section entitled To Be Ascetic/Askesis?

9. In Waiting, how is "the scenography of waiting" structured?

10. Describe the lover's predicament with regard to understanding love in "I want to understand."

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