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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 1 through 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect does the other's atopia have on language?
(a) It makes the lover take refuge in falsehoods.
(b) It inspires the lover to new and better descriptions of the other.
(c) It does not have any effect on language.
(d) It makes language indecisive and false; the other cannot be qualified.

2. What language does the word "atopos" come from?
(a) Latin.
(b) Gaelic.
(c) Greek.
(d) Hebrew.

3. What does the term "alteration" refer to in this section of the text?
(a) To the rejection of perfection by the lover.
(b) To a sewing procedure, which is a metaphor in the text.
(c) To the production of a counter-image of the loved object.
(d) To the missing tip of a nose, and nothing else.

4. What is the slightly longer characterization the author uses to describe the different sections of the book?
(a) Lists of terms.
(b) Literary musings.
(c) Figments of the imagination.
(d) Fragments of discourse.

5. When the narrator states that "the other whom I love...is atopos," what does he mean?
(a) The other is unfaithful.
(b) The other is a stereotype.
(c) The other is unobtainable.
(d) The other is unique.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author, who carries out the "discourse of absence" historically?

2. What are the advantages of the act of annulment?

3. What message does the lover hope to send through his asceticism?

4. When does this desire affect the subject?

5. In the section on absence, to what early experience does the author link the subject's feelings about the absent lover?

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