Daily Lessons for Teaching A Lover's Discourse: Fragments

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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1 through 37)


In The Necessity, How this Book is Constructed, the first day should focus on the layout of the book, how it is constructed, and the reasons for its creation. Key terms can be defined such as affirmation, discourse, figure, and image-repertoire. Also, be sure to emphasize the writing style used in the book. As the author notes on page three, "the description of the lover's discourse has been replaced by its simulation" (3). The author wants to "stage an utterance" in the dramatic sense, not provide an analysis.


1) Introduction: Introduce the author, Roland Barthes and the book. Note that this is a portrait of the lover through a series of short chapters (80 in all) that the author calls "figures." These figures stage the lover's inner dialogue with himself and the loved one, who is absent and does not speak in the text.

2) Close reading and small...

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