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Word Game

In the original French version of the book, the figures are arranged in alphabetical order, e.g. absence, adorable, affirmation. In the the English translation, these figures also appear this way but they appear as subheadings in each section of the text such as "The Absent One" / absence, "The Intractable" / affirmation. Have students work in pairs or small groups to arrange the section titles and their subheadings to form 10-15 line poems. They can do this several times since there are many sections to the book. This will help them become familiar with the book and its themes.

Create a Skit or Monologue Part A

Write the titles of all the sections and their associated figures such as "The Absent One" / absence on scraps of paper and put them in a paper bag. Put students in pairs and have each pair draw a piece of paper...

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