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Essay Topic 1

The other's absence is an important theme in the text. It surfaces in figures such as Absence, Anxiety, and Waiting. Discuss how the lover defines himself through absence:

- What does it mean that amorous absence functions in a single direction? (Absence, pg. 13)

- Who carries out the discourse of absence historically and what does this mean for the lover?

- What position does the other occupy in this dynamic?

- How does the other's absence affect the lover? (Anxiety, pg. 29)

- In what way is the absent other associated with truth? (Waiting, pg. 37)

Essay Topic 2

In Askesis and Dark Glasses/To Hide, the lover's suffering becomes performative. He performs acts that point to his amorous state for the benefit of the other.

- How does the lover perform his suffering? What are the activities, rituals, or behaviors he adopts?

- What are the goals of...

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