A Lover's Discourse: Fragments Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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• In "I am engulfed, I succumb..."/To Be Engulfed, the amorous subject has a craving to be engulfed, or "annihilated," by emotion-whether in despair or fulfillment.
• In The Absent One/Absence, the lover transforms the loved one's absence into an ordeal of abandonment.

• Historically, the one who waits is the woman, thus the partner who waits is always feminized.

• Fear of abandonment echoes the child's fear of losing the mother.
• In Adorable, the word "adorable" is a substitute for all the attributes that the lover associates with the loved being but is unable to name or it represents a failure of language.

• Adorable becomes a kind of tautology where the adorable is what is adorable.

• Intractable/Affirmation - Against the devaluation of love, and in spite of the call of duty and of rationality, the lover affirms love as a value.

• Love is not an either...

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