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Michelle Duggar
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jim Bob often tell Jinger as she headed out shopping?
(a) Bring me a honey bun.
(b) Don't spend any money.
(c) When will you be home?
(d) Be safe.

2. Which of the following was one of the things Jim Bob says reading the Bible to his family has done for him?
(a) Made him think more about specific scriptures.
(b) Made him learn to think on his feet.
(c) Made him learn to make stories interesting.
(d) Made him a better reader.

3. How did Michelle say she and Jim Bob became parenting experts?
(a) By learning from their own parents.
(b) By having nineteen children.
(c) By applying Biblical principles.
(d) She says they aren't experts.

4. What did Jim Bob tell the children to do when they sensed he was becoming angry?
(a) Call Michelle.
(b) Leave the room.
(c) Gently tell him so.
(d) Pray.

5. How soon after the birth of a baby was Michelle usually back at work as the homeschool teacher?
(a) Within two weekns.
(b) Within one month.
(c) Within six weeks.
(d) Within two months.

6. What is the name of the clothing line that's been created by Jessa and Jinger?
(a) Duggars' Modern-Modest clothing.
(b) J & J Frugal Fashions.
(c) Jessa and Jinger's Fashion Cents.
(d) Duggar's Clothes for Families.

7. What did Jim Bob and Michelle believe were the two most important lessons they could teach their children?
(a) To become Godly parents.
(b) To love God and give their lives to serving in mission fields.
(c) To love God and be honest.
(d) To love God and to love others.

8. Who portrayed Mary and Joseph when the Duggar family entered a float in a local Christmas parade?
(a) John David and Jill.
(b) Josh and Anna.
(c) Jim Bob and Michelle.
(d) Jackson and Jana.

9. What did Josh name the "company" he formed buying and fixing up old bicycles?
(a) J & J Bike Sales.
(b) Josh and John-David Bike Sales.
(c) Josh and Jim Bob Bike Sales.
(d) Josh Duggar Bike Sales.

10. Where were the majority of the Duggar children on the day Jim Bob's father died?
(a) Attending violin lessons.
(b) Visiting friends in Tennessee.
(c) Asleep.
(d) In El Salvador.

11. What was Sam Walton's first rule of business?
(a) Find ways to make others believe in your business.
(b) Commit to your business.
(c) Never go in debt.
(d) Build a better mousetrap at a better price.

12. What did Michelle say was the usual snack at the Duggar home?
(a) Crackers and cookies.
(b) Fruits and vegetables.
(c) Cookies and cakes.
(d) Donuts.

13. What did Jim Bob say was a common mistake when looking at large purchase?
(a) To put themselves in debt without considering the economy.
(b) To think about it too long even when God is pointing that direction.
(c) To focus on monthly payments rather than total price.
(d) To make snap decisions without prayer.

14. Who was the child Michelle and Jim Bob couldn't immediately name during the Mike Huckabee news show?
(a) Jessa.
(b) Jordyn.
(c) The daughter of a production cast member.
(d) Jennifer.

15. How often did Nana help with the Duggars' laundry?
(a) Every evening.
(b) Every weekend.
(c) Every Monday.
(d) Twice a week.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the prank Josiah played on the photographer when Jordyn was an infant?

2. What did Michelle say was the next step after having a child realize what they've done wrong?

3. How did Michelle define purity?

4. Who rode the camel when the Duggar family entered the local Christmas parade?

5. What is the part of the day when Michelle hands out treats and rewards?

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