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Michelle Duggar
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the answer to the question as to whether the Duggar children date?
(a) Only after they finish high school.
(b) They do but only to those known by the family.
(c) They don't in the traditional sense.
(d) Only after they are twenty.

2. What had Jeremiah done that made Jason mad when the children were playing in the woods near the house?
(a) Hit him.
(b) Laughed at him.
(c) Took his bike.
(d) Took his skateboard.

3. What would be the first step for a Duggar boy who wanted to get to know a girl as a potential spouse?
(a) To ask her to join him at a church function.
(b) To ask her over to the Duggar house.
(c) To ask if she wants children.
(d) To talk to her father.

4. What did Michelle say was the biggest challenge she faced as a homeschool teacher?
(a) Keeping babies quiet while teaching the older children.
(b) Keeping up with the housework while teaching.
(c) Making her children thirst for God's Word.
(d) Meeting the demands of different age groups.

5. Which of the following was NOT on the list of things little Jennifer is afraid of?
(a) Bearded daddies.
(b) Sports team mascots.
(c) Horses.
(d) Spiders.

6. Why did Jim Bob say he sometimes let the children see him cry after his father's death?
(a) He wanted them to know it was okay to be sad.
(b) He wanted them to know it was okay for men to cry.
(c) He wanted them to know a man could cry without losing his dignity.
(d) He didn't let them see it.

7. What was the trick the older girls have used to teach the younger children to cut green onions or celery?
(a) The youngsters use an old-fashioned food chopper.
(b) The youngsters put their hands on their older sisters' hands.
(c) The youngsters use a butter knife.
(d) The youngsters use small scissors.

8. What did Michelle say was the most precious way Jim Bob demonstrates his love for her?
(a) By being a good father.
(b) Through physical intimacy.
(c) By being her spiritual leader.
(d) By willingly sharing his heart.

9. What was the accident Michelle's father experienced while Josie was still in the hospital?
(a) He cracked two ribs.
(b) He broke his hip.
(c) He broke both legs.
(d) He broke his back.

10. What did Michelle say was the message of the plaque that hung in her bedroom?
(a) Be a Joyful Mother of Children.
(b) A Soft Answer Turneth Away Wrath.
(c) Raise up a Child in the Way He Should Go.
(d) My House, My Home, My Heart.

11. What did Michelle call the process of calling names then having each child stand to recite or answer a question?
(a) My turn.
(b) Popcorn time.
(c) It's me time.
(d) Poptart time.

12. When did Michelle say she and Jim Bob decided to homeschool their children?
(a) Before Josh started school.
(b) When Josh was in second grade.
(c) When Josh came home from school with a bad grade.
(d) When Josh was in fifth grade.

13. What did Michelle say when she wanted Jim Bob to know something was very important.
(a) Are you listening?
(b) This is very important to me.
(c) Don't forget.
(d) Please write this down.

14. What was the significance of the date, July 10, 2010, for the Duggar family?
(a) Jim Bob's father died.
(b) Michelle's father died.
(c) They were all together after seven months apart.
(d) Jim Bob and Michelle's first grandchild was born.

15. What was Jackson's reaction when he heard that his grandfather had died?
(a) He didn't believe it.
(b) He was furious that he wasn't home.
(c) He ran away and cried.
(d) He pleaded for Jim Bob to bring him back.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the part of the day when Michelle hands out treats and rewards?

2. What was the purpose of the two kitchens in the Duggar house?

3. What did Michelle say was the usual snack at the Duggar home?

4. What is the first goal Jim Bob and Michelle had for each of their children?

5. What was Sam Walton's first rule of business?

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