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Michelle Duggar
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Michelle call the process of calling names then having each child stand to recite or answer a question?
(a) It's me time.
(b) Popcorn time.
(c) Poptart time.
(d) My turn.

2. What is the Duggar family motto with regard to finances?
(a) Buy only what's absolutely necessary.
(b) Always compare.
(c) Buy used but be careful.
(d) Buy used and save the difference.

3. Who was the child Michelle and Jim Bob couldn't immediately name during the Mike Huckabee news show?
(a) Jennifer.
(b) Jordyn.
(c) Jessa.
(d) The daughter of a production cast member.

4. What was the concern the Duggar children faced about their gift-wrapped items when they were headed to El Salvador?
(a) Whether they would pass through customs unopened.
(b) Whether they would survive without tearing the wrapping.
(c) Whether they would be confiscated by the corrupt officials.
(d) Whether they would survive the rough handling in baggage.

5. What was the significance of the date, July 10, 2010, for the Duggar family?
(a) Jim Bob's father died.
(b) They were all together after seven months apart.
(c) Michelle's father died.
(d) Jim Bob and Michelle's first grandchild was born.

6. What did MIchelle say was the most important factor of blanket training?
(a) That the child was asked to be completely still.
(b) That it was never expected for more than a twent-minute span.
(c) That it was fun.
(d) That the child have a reward at the end of the time.

7. Which of the following was one of the things Jim Bob says reading the Bible to his family has done for him?
(a) Made him learn to make stories interesting.
(b) Made him learn to think on his feet.
(c) Made him think more about specific scriptures.
(d) Made him a better reader.

8. What had Jeremiah done that made Jason mad when the children were playing in the woods near the house?
(a) Took his bike.
(b) Hit him.
(c) Took his skateboard.
(d) Laughed at him.

9. How did Jim Bob say the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel were built?
(a) By first walling the water away.
(b) By pouring a special concrete into forms in the water.
(c) By pouting concrete and then bringing the pieces to be fitted together.
(d) He didn't say.

10. What did Jim Bob say was the most important aspect of the Sammons program with regard to their finances?
(a) To live within their means.
(b) To share even when tiems were difficult.
(c) To save even when times were difficult.
(d) To pray about decisions.

11. What did Jim Bob say was a common mistake when looking at large purchase?
(a) To make snap decisions without prayer.
(b) To focus on monthly payments rather than total price.
(c) To put themselves in debt without considering the economy.
(d) To think about it too long even when God is pointing that direction.

12. What was the accident Michelle's father experienced while Josie was still in the hospital?
(a) He broke his hip.
(b) He broke both legs.
(c) He cracked two ribs.
(d) He broke his back.

13. When did Michelle say she and Jim Bob decided to homeschool their children?
(a) When Josh was in fifth grade.
(b) When Josh came home from school with a bad grade.
(c) Before Josh started school.
(d) When Josh was in second grade.

14. What was the first item on the evaluations for a spouse created by Jana?
(a) A deeply-committed Christian.
(b) A good listener.
(c) Willing to have many children.
(d) Willing to compromise.

15. What were the two possessions the man in El Salvador was excited had been saved after a mud slide devastated his village in 2009?
(a) A ball and a Bible.
(b) A fork and a plate.
(c) A photo and a radio.
(d) A chair and a lamp.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Duggars insist their sons work to earn the money to buy their first cars?

2. What was the answer to the question as to whether the Duggar children date?

3. What was the Duggar attitude about a messy house?

4. What did Mike Schadt use as a textbook to teach international students English?

5. Which of the following is NOT one of the rules for children going to the grocery store?

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