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Lou Ann Walker
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what street was the church that Lou Ann's parents were married in?
(a) Main.
(b) Broad.
(c) Wadsworth.
(d) Colfax.

2. What did researchers believe was the first sense that a fetus gained?
(a) Touch.
(b) Seeing.
(c) Hearing.
(d) Smell.

3. What was Lou Ann's mom's sister's name?
(a) Paula June.
(b) Priscilla June.
(c) Peggy June.
(d) Penny June.

4. Where did some psychologists believe most of a person's personality was developed?
(a) In utero.
(b) At birth.
(c) Within 1 year of birth.
(d) At conception.

5. What advantage did Lou Ann's parents have that most new parents didn't?
(a) They had more family to help them.
(b) They couldn't hear her cry.
(c) They had more devices to assist them with her care.
(d) She was a very easy baby.

6. How old was Lou Ann's mom when she finished high school?
(a) 21.
(b) 20.
(c) 19.
(d) 22.

7. How many of Lou Ann's paternal grandparent's children were deaf?
(a) 4.
(b) 3.
(c) 2.
(d) 1.

8. What did Lou Ann's youngest sister think of Lou Ann?
(a) That she was a good friend.
(b) That she was too serious.
(c) That she was very responsible.
(d) That she was the best older sister.

9. What did Lou Ann get for Christmas at the start of the book?
(a) Ballerina doll.
(b) Barbie doll.
(c) Baby doll.
(d) American Girl doll.

10. What was Lou Ann's nosy neighbor's dog's name?
(a) Andy.
(b) Jonesy.
(c) Stevie.
(d) Hessie.

11. What was of great value outside of Lou Ann's home but little value in her home?
(a) Hearing.
(b) Speaking.
(c) Seeing.
(d) Speaking and hearing.

12. What did Lou Ann have the most of as a child?
(a) Closeness with her parents.
(b) Contact with the world.
(c) Responsibility.
(d) Closeness with the other adults in her family.

13. What was Lou Ann's father's first nickname?
(a) Puffy.
(b) Chubs.
(c) Bubba.
(d) Butterball.

14. What book did Lou Ann's maternal grandma read about deafness?
(a) Pyschological Development of Deaf Children.
(b) The History of Special Education.
(c) ASL Handbook.
(d) Helen Keller's autobiography.

15. Who helped Lou Ann's parents choose her name?
(a) Their friends.
(b) Grandma Walker.
(c) Grandma Wells.
(d) Peggy Sue.

Short Answer Questions

1. What symbol did the doctor use to tell Lou Ann's mom that she had a girl?

2. How many doses of meningitis medicine was Lou Ann's mom supposed to receive?

3. How old was Lou Ann at the start of the book?

4. How many sisters did Lou Ann have?

5. What car did Lou Ann's parents drive away in after their wedding?

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