A Long Way Home Short Essay - Answer Key

Saroo Brierley
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1. In the Prologue, how does Saroo describe the place where his family used to live?

Saroo describes the place where his family used to live as a run-down building in a poor district of a small, dusty town in central India. The hinges of the door are broken. Peering inside, he can see the small room that his family shared.

2. In The Prologue, what interaction did Saroo have with a young woman who lived next to his family's old home?

A young woman came from the flat next door to Saroo's family's old home. She said something in Hindi, but he did not understand. Therefore, he asked her if she spoke English. She told that she spoke a little English, and he told her the names of his family. He showed her photographs of himself as a little boy. The woman looked at them, and then she told him that the people no longer lived there.

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