A Long Way Home Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Saroo Brierley
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1. In the Prologue, how long had the author waited to find his old home?

25 years.

2. In the Prologue, when was the last time that the author stood near his family's home in India?

When he was 5.

3. How old was the author in the Prologue?


4. In the Prologue, what color was the young woman wearing that Saroo spoke to?


5. In the Prologue, what was the name of the place where Saroo hoped to find his family?

Ganesh Talai.

6. In Chapter 1, where did Saroo grow up?


7. In Chapter 1, when did Saroo go to Australia to live?


8. In Chapter 1, what map was on the wall of Saroo's bedroom?


9. In Chapter 1, where was Saroo born?


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