Objects & Places from A Long Way Home

Saroo Brierley
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Childhood Photograph of Saroo

This symbolized the past and was a clue a young man used to find his birth family. When the young man showed this around, a man recognized him and took him to his mother.

Map of India

This hung on the wall of the author’s bedroom, and it symbolized what he left behind when he was adopted.


These symbolized kindness and life, in spite of the pollution and dead bodies in or nearby. It was a place where people did laundry and kids played in the water.


This symbolizes life and is a basic need for survival. It was something that the author and his birth family did not have enough of.


This was an organization that symbolized second chances for children. It helped children find adoptive families.

Red Photo Albums

This was something that had pictures of the author...

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