A Long Way Home Fun Activities

Saroo Brierley
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Hindi Music

Listen to music that Brierly might have heard when he was in India.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you might ask the author if you could interview him.

Searching for Family

Discuss with a group how you might search for a lost family member.

A Long Way Home: The Movie

Watch the movie based on the book or make a list of actors and actresses that you would choose to play major characters if you were the director of a movie based on the book.


Research India and write a few paragraphs about the country and its culture.

Australia and India

Use a Venn diagram graphic organizer to compare Australia and India. Show how the places are similar and dissimilar.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show places where the author traveled.

The Author's Life

Discuss with a group what the author's life...

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