A Long Way Home Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Saroo Brierley
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Essay Topic 1

Saroo and his birth family lived in poverty. What did the author communicate about poverty and its effects on families through his life and experiences?

Essay Topic 2

A Long Way Home is about the author’s life and search to find his birth family. Why did the author write about his life and search to find his birth family? What did he hope others would gain from the book?

Essay Topic 3

A Long Way Home is an autobiographical memoir. Why is the book an autobiography and not a biography?

Essay Topic 4

The story is told from the author’s point of view. How does the point of view affect readers and help them identify with the author?

Essay Topic 5

The author could have died on the streets of Calcutta. How did Saroo survive, and what did his survival have to do with salvation?

Essay Topic 6


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