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Richard Peck
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grandma Dowdel tell Mary Alice that Shotgun Cheatham smelled like in "Shotgun Cheatham's Last Night Above Ground"?
(a) A horse stall.
(b) A flower-bed.
(c) A polecat.
(d) An oil tanker.

2. What nickname had the Thompson submachine gun gained after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, according to the narrator in "Shotgun Cheatham's Last Night Above Ground"?
(a) "St. Louis gunslinger."
(b) "Wind whistler."
(c) "Chicago typewriter."
(d) "Brooklyn bookkeeper."

3. Who lives in the old dilapidated house that Grandma Dowdel takes Joey and Mary Alice to after fishing in "A One-Woman Crime Wave"?
(a) Aunt Puss Chapman.
(b) O. B. Dickerson.
(c) Ernie Cowgill.
(d) Effie Wilcox.

4. In the Prologue of the book, the narrator describes Grandma Dowdel as being as "tough as" what?
(a) "An old boor."
(b) "An ox."
(c) "An old cat."
(d) "A feisty mule."

5. Who is described by Grandma Dowdel as the "best home-baker in the state of Illinois" in "The Day of Judgment"?
(a) Leota Shrewsbury.
(b) Barnie Buchanan.
(c) Earl T. Askew.
(d) Rupert Pennypacker.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mrs. Weidenbach claim will take the blue ribbon with her individual cherry tarts if someone doesn't stop her in "The Day of Judgment"?

2. From what material was the Weidenbachs' home built?

3. What kind of car does the narrator describe Al Capone owning in "The Day of Judgment"?

4. What does the new sign on the train platform say when Joey and Mary Alice get off at Grandma's in "A One-Woman Crime Wave"?

5. What railroad do Joey and Mary Alice Dowdel take when they go to visit their Grandmother?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the narrative style in A Long Way from Chicago. Who relates the stories?

2. What is Grandma Dowdel doing when the children arrive in "The Day of Judgment"? What does this foreshadow?

3. What story does Grandma Dowdel give to the city reporter about Shotgun Cheatham? Why?

4. How does the narrator describe the process of preparing Grandma's pie in "The Day of Judgment"?

5. What information do Mary Alice and Joey learn about Grandma's past from Aunt Puss Chapman?

6. Why does Shotgun Cheatham's death raise interest in out-of-towners in "Shotgun Cheatham's Last Night Above Ground"?

7. What purpose does the novel's Prologue serve? What information is related in the Prologue?

8. How does Grandma Dowdel describe "the truth" of Shotgun Cheatham and how he got his name?

9. How does Grandma Dowdel go about baiting the Cowgill boys to her home in "The Mouse in the Milk"?

10. How are the sheriff and Chamber of Commerce president described when Joey, Mary Alice, and Grandma encounter them after fishing in “A One Woman Crime Wave"?

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