Objects & Places from A Long Way from Chicago

Richard Peck
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This is the city where the narrator and his sister live growing up.

The Great Depression

This period of economic strife in America lasted from 1929 until the late 1930s. The stories from A Long Way from Chicago take place during this time period.


When Joey and Mary Alice visit their grandmother, they take this mode of transportation.

Coffee Pot Café

This place of business is a central hangout in Grandma Dowdel's town. This is where the locals go for news and gossip.

Cob House

This location in back of Grandma Dowdel's home is where her old tom cat lives.


This structure on Effie Wilcox's property is blown up by the Cowgill brothers.


This object is used by bait by Grandma Dowdel to lure the Cowgill brothers to her home, knowing they will attempt to steal it.

Mexican War

Uncle Grady Griswold served in this...

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