Objects & Places from A Listening Walk --and Other Stories

Gene Hill
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Africa - Hill called his time here the happiest time of his life.

Equipment Time - This was when Hill prepared for his trips and enjoyed seeing his possessions.

The Atlantic Salmon - Because of its amazing migration upstream from the ocean, this animal was sacred to Hill.

Quail Country Paintings - Hill admired this small collection of portrayals of one of his favorite kinds of hunting.

The Lurid Orange Hunting Vest - This became a symbol of how society treated the hunter as an unwanted outcast.

The Owl Tree - A cyclone damaged this in Hill's back yard.

Jake the Dog - This animal had a completely serious and humorless approach to hunting, and so he was a good contrast to Hill.

Everycamp - This involved a few men who were not avid hunters but rather bankers, doctors, and lawyers.

Maggie the Dog - This was...

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