Objects & Places from A Listening Walk --and Other Stories

Gene Hill
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Hill called his time here the happiest time of his life.

Equipment Time

This was when Hill prepared for his trips and enjoyed seeing his possessions.

The Atlantic Salmon

Because of its amazing migration upstream from the ocean, this animal was sacred to Hill.

Quail Country Paintings

Hill admired this small collection of portrayals of one of his favorite kinds of hunting.

The Lurid Orange Hunting Vest

This became a symbol of how society treated the hunter as an unwanted outcast.

The Owl Tree

A cyclone damaged this in Hill's back yard.

Jake the Dog

This animal had a completely serious and humorless approach to hunting, and so he was a good contrast to Hill.


This involved a few men who were not avid hunters but rather bankers, doctors, and lawyers.

Maggie the Dog

This was a plucky but demanding animal who worked very hard for...

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