A Listening Walk --and Other Stories Character Descriptions

Gene Hill
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Gene Hill

This person was a lifelong hunter, introduced to it by his father and extended family.

The Hunter's Wife

This person found the strength to tolerate her husband's eccentric behavior and passion for the wilderness.

Gun Control Advocates/Environmentalists

These people feel it is cruel to kill animals with guns.

Celebrity Sportsmen

These people had mastered the gun or reel and often took the fun out of hunting.


This person was the ideal frontier woman of a bygone era, the type of wife who could cook, clean, sew, and perform all manner of household duties.

The Dreamer

This person treated a fishing trip for Atlantic salmon like a religious pilgrimage.

The Idler

This person was a man who put off chores, equipment preparation, or pursuing his prey while on a hunting trip.

Howard and Jess Symonds

These people were expert woodcutters who helped cut up and...

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