A Listening Walk --and Other Stories Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gene Hill
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Pages 3 - 19

• "Once a Salmon Sang to Me," showed a spawning salmon speaking to an angler and telling him to continue fishing to save the habitat.

• In "No, I Have Not Thanked a Green Plant Today--I've Been Busy," Hill lamented the emotional, anti-sportsman attitude of so-called environmentalists.

• He said it was the sportsman who were conserving and caring for the wildlife the environmentalists claimed to want to enjoy.
• In "Low Rod," Hill described the blundering fly fishermen who could do nothing right but always had stories of the ones who got away.

• In "Unpacking Some Memories of Africa," Hill fondly recalled a safari to Africa. He said it was the happiest time of his life.
• In "Wanted: Ten-Year-Old," Hills explained how he would like to share his love of the outdoors with a ten-year-old boy.

• He said younger boys were better companions as they were curious, but not...

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