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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was scheduled for Wednesday the 11th?
(a) Sacks would move from the hospital to the convalescent home.
(b) Therapy would become quite intense.
(c) Sacks would get out of bed and walk.
(d) The temporary leg cast would be removed.

2. What happened to Sacks's writing style when he was forced to write with his left hand?
(a) It became heavy-hearted.
(b) It became more verbose.
(c) It became melodramatic.
(d) It became more concise.

3. Sacks references a chapter in Luria's book The Man with a Shattered World that profoundly affected his thoughts about recovery. What was the name of this chapter?
(a) "Under the World."
(b) "The Moment of Light."
(c) "Reconstruction."
(d) "The Turning Point."

4. In Montaigne's words, who is a true doctor?
(a) The man who also understands art.
(b) The man who can sympathize with his patients.
(c) The man who sees his patients as people rather than as problems.
(d) The man who has experienced every illness he wants to cure.

5. As the Sister took the stitches out of Sacks's leg, what did he think?
(a) That she was not being gentle.
(b) That she was fiddling around.
(c) That she was being gentle but the procedure still hurt.
(d) That he could not wait to go hiking again.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once he began walking again, what time had arrived for Sacks?

2. What problem did Sacks find with Leontev and Zaporozhet's book?

3. When did scotoma overwhelm Sacks the most?

4. To what does Sacks compare the coming revolution in neurology?

5. At the beginning of Chapter Four, what is the essence of William Harvey's questions?

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