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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do we understand the concepts of time and space?
(a) In reference to ourselves.
(b) In context of our scientific understanding.
(c) In reference to the people around us.
(d) In reference to the physical world.

2. When Sacks talks about the hole in memory and identity, what is he referring to (Afterword, pg 200)?
(a) A hole in the primary consciousness.
(b) A hole in the higher-order consciousness.
(c) A hole in his subconscious understanding of the world.
(d) A hole in his sense of selfhood.

3. What was the name of the convalescent home where Sacks recovered?
(a) Because he is caught up in the intricacies of his disease.
(b) Because, if he has strong familial support, the world's shrinking does not matter.
(c) Because his mental faculties are not engaged in the world around him.
(d) Because his frame of reference has also shrunk.

4. Why was it so difficult for Sacks to take the first step?
(a) He had forgotten how to walk.
(b) He could not get his sense of balance.
(c) He felt that the physiotherapists were pressuring him.
(d) His feet felt too heavy to lift.

5. In the quote from St. John of the Cross in Chapter Three, where does the light guide the man?
(a) To the place of eternal peace.
(b) To the place of unconditional love.
(c) To peaceful darkness.
(d) To the place where God was waiting for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. On one particular September morning, why did Sacks deeply enjoy lighting his pipe?

2. When Sacks gave thanks for his health and recovery, what was most important about that action?

3. What group of people did Weir Mitchell write about?

4. Sacks did not attend the memorial service for W. H. Auden because he thought he was too weak to travel. Where was this service held?

5. As Sacks returned to his room, what was the weather like?

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