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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Sacks sit looking out the window for hours on end?
(a) He was realizing how cut off from life he was.
(b) He was tired of his hospital room.
(c) He was starved to look at anything green.
(d) He was eager to see other people.

2. What group of people did Weir Mitchell write about?
(a) Wounded WWII veterans.
(b) Healthy Korean veterans.
(c) The patients in his New York clinic.
(d) Wounded Civil War veterans.

3. How must a person react to the abyss?
(a) Either face it or walk away.
(b) Skirt its edge without falling in.
(c) Ignore it.
(d) Search it for answers.

4. Sacks references a chapter in Luria's book The Man with a Shattered World that profoundly affected his thoughts about recovery. What was the name of this chapter?
(a) "Under the World."
(b) "The Moment of Light."
(c) "Reconstruction."
(d) "The Turning Point."

5. What was Sacks's general opinion about the patients in the convalescent home?
(a) They were pretty knowledgeable about the world and their places in it.
(b) They were generally stupid and clueless.
(c) None of them had as compelling a story as he did.
(d) They were all smarter than the doctors.

Short Answer Questions

1. While watching the surgery on his right leg, what time does Sacks remember?

2. When Sacks first entered into the field of neurology, what excited him most?

3. Previous to his accident, how did Sacks think things were accomplished in the world?

4. Previous to this injury, when Sacks had had electrical currents applied to his injured neck muscles, what happened?

5. When Sacks talks about the hole in memory and identity, what is he referring to (Afterword, pg 200)?

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