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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Sacks returned to his room, what was the weather like?
(a) Sunny and warm.
(b) Lightly snowing.
(c) Chilly and wet.
(d) Dark and stormy.

2. What did Sacks hope to accomplish by reading Head's books?
(a) Learn the emotional intricacies of body alienation.
(b) Receive illumination about his experiences.
(c) Understand how to prevent body alienation in the future.
(d) Divert his thinking from his own past.

3. Previous to this injury, when Sacks had had electrical currents applied to his injured neck muscles, what happened?
(a) He had the undeniable impulse to shrug.
(b) His neck muscles immediately relaxed.
(c) His neck muscles had remained tense and nearly immobile.
(d) He felt shooting pains in his back.

4. Before Sacks's cast was taken off, what did he dream that it was filled with?
(a) Joy and concerto music.
(b) Someone else's leg.
(c) Air or rotting bones.
(d) A lacerated leg.

5. Following the book fair, why did Sacks take the slow train from Boston to New York?
(a) He did not have enough money for the faster train.
(b) He wanted to enjoy life at a slow pace.
(c) He had to kill time before an evening appointment.
(d) He wanted to begin reading Head's books.

Short Answer Questions

1. For people with hemi-inattention, what does "anosognosis" mean?

2. When did Sacks suffer his second fall?

3. Montaigne, Kant, and Einstein all agree that there is no substitute for what?

4. Why were the set times and limits at the convalescent home important?

5. How does Sack describe his thoughts during the first moments of standing again?

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