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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once he began walking again, what time had arrived for Sacks?
(a) The time for doing.
(b) The time for thinking.
(c) The time for great changes.
(d) The time for community.

2. Why is the phrase "uneventful recovery" misleading?
(a) Recovery is actually a series of events.
(b) The phrase implies a peaceful recovery, which is never possible.
(c) Recovery is the greatest event of the patient's life.
(d) Recovery has no relationship to events.

3. When did Sacks suffer his second fall?
(a) January 1984.
(b) December 1982.
(c) November 1984.
(d) March 1983.

4. How did one of the surgical registrars refer to being a patient?
(a) As an opportunity.
(b) As a test of patience.
(c) As a pilgrimage.
(d) As a long trek into the light.

5. In the quote from St. John of the Cross in Chapter Three, where does the light guide the man?
(a) To the place where God was waiting for him.
(b) To peaceful darkness.
(c) To the place of eternal peace.
(d) To the place of unconditional love.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who, in Sacks's family, had worked closely with Head?

2. To what does Sacks compare the coming revolution in neurology?

3. At what moment did Sacks's leg "return" to his body?

4. How do we understand the concepts of time and space?

5. In the convalescent home, what did Sacks's first breakfast partner find amusing?

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