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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While under the spinal anesthesia, how did Sacks perceive his body?
(a) He had no upper half.
(b) His feet were far away.
(c) His body was very thin.
(d) He terminated in the middle.

2. Why could Head not explain the poetry of music and movement the way he felt it?
(a) He could only explain the poetry in scientific terms.
(b) He had a limited capacity for expressing himself to others.
(c) He was essentially a scientist.
(d) He did not feel music and movement very deeply.

3. When Sacks talks about the hole in memory and identity, what is he referring to (Afterword, pg 200)?
(a) A hole in the primary consciousness.
(b) A hole in his sense of selfhood.
(c) A hole in his subconscious understanding of the world.
(d) A hole in the higher-order consciousness.

4. On one particular September morning, why did Sacks deeply enjoy lighting his pipe?
(a) He thought he had never before had the leisure to light one.
(b) He was a smoker.
(c) The pipe fit into the scenery and his mood.
(d) He saw the pipe as a sign of returning health.

5. How had Sacks tried to revive his left leg?
(a) By praying it into being.
(b) By wishing it into being.
(c) By thinking it into being.
(d) By intense therapy.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter Four, what is the essence of William Harvey's questions?

2. Why was it so difficult for Sacks to take the first step?

3. How does a person suffering from alienation of a limb think about that part of his body?

4. Once he began walking again, what time had arrived for Sacks?

5. To what does Einstein compare creating a new theory?

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