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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Essentially, why could Sacks not tense up the quadriceps?
(a) The muscle was completely wasted away.
(b) His tendon had not been fully reconnected.
(c) He had forgotten how.
(d) His brain could not communicate with either leg.

2. What question did Sacks want to ask the surgeon before surgery?
(a) Whether he could drink a little water first.
(b) Whether he could have a spinal anesthesia.
(c) Whether he could have someone photograph the surgery.
(d) Whether he could have a general anesthesia.

3. What did Sacks feel as he was being admitted to the hospital?
(a) That he was losing his humanity and individuality.
(b) That he was finally reaching a place of hope.
(c) That he was reaching the purity of non-being.
(d) That he was approaching the gallows.

4. How does Sacks describe the six-hour ambulance ride to the next hospital?
(a) Like resurrection.
(b) Like the embodiment of hope.
(c) Like death.
(d) Like a dream.

5. Following the surgery, how did Sacks's cast fit his leg?
(a) The leg fit nearly perfectly in the cast.
(b) He could put two fingers between his leg and the cas.
(c) He could put his entire fist between his leg and the cast.
(d) The leg was horribly swollen in the cast.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book of the Bible does Sacks quote at the beginning of Chapter Three?

2. When Sacks began to write to Luria, where did Luria live?

3. What emotion did Sacks see several times on the unguarded face of the physiotherapist?

4. What time did Sacks hope to reach the mountain's summit?

5. Why was Sacks grateful to Dr. Henry Fleck?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Sacks become the music which he heard in his head? How might this have saved him?

2. What is anosognosis? What problem does this state present to medical researchers?

3. What advice did Sacks's maiden aunt give him? How does this advice come across on the printed page?

4. Sacks discovered, to his horror, that his mental and moral boundaries had shrunk to the limits of the hospital. What does this mean? How did this differ from his mindset before the accident?

5. How much time does Dr. Swan spend with Sacks prior to the operation? How does this foretell his interactions with Sacks following the operation?

6. How does Sacks describe his first few steps? How might this description be applied to another time in life, one which has never been described?

7. At his arrival to the Odda hospital, what was Sacks's experience with Nurse Solveig? How did this exemplify the prostration he began to feel in the hospital?

8. During his descent off the mountain, what is Sacks's connection to humanity? How does this contrast to nature's impersonality?

9. How did Sacks move from the world of freedom into the world of the hospital? How might this have contributed to his thought that the operation on the following day would actually be an execution?

10. What did Sacks do when he finally wanted to escape the convalescent home? How did the woman he met treat him differently than the hospital nurses had?

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